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Emerging Leaders

The module focuses on three key aspects, Building and Developing the Team, Communicating and Influencing, and, Leading and Managing Change, that enables individuals to exhibit true leadership skills and, face challenges with a clear mindset that directly reflects the outcome they would expect.

a. Building and Developing the Team
Team building is an eternal challenge for many organizations. The unseen behavioral dynamics of personality, self-belief and personal agenda often override what any leader hopes to achieve. Therefore, in many businesses highly effective teams are absent. Instead, most organizations possess an abundance of groups, which are very different from teams. Teams are the essential building block for any successful organization, providing the springboard for greater production, increased value and creative thinking, thus advocating a protective buffer for periods of stress and tension, and, are essential for thriving in today’s business environment.

b. Communicating and Influencing
Communication and influence are intrinsically linked. In today’s
complex and volatile business environment, employees need to able to communicate and influence across a wide range of stakeholders. Under considerable stress, it is very easy to become positional and create a combative environment. This can have a lasting impact in terms of productivity and working relationships, by providing individuals with the key skills, to not only achieve core objectives but also influence, maintain and grow these relationships in today’s challenging workplace.

c. Leading and Managing Change
As organizations undergo change, it raises a lot of questions: how will affect their people? How will they manage their teams? How can they retain their best staff and how will they know it is working? Part of the module answers these questions by offering a range of practical skills and insights, as well as prepare individuals to lead in a changing environment.


Efficient Entrepreneurship

Being efficient in today’s market is a necessity to operate sustainably. Two aspects that need to be considered is effective time management and, problem solving & decision making. This allows individuals to optimize their performance which in-turn increases productivity and contributes immensely towards the output of any business.

a. Effective Time Management

Through technology and cumulative business pressures, many of us now live in a bubble of continuous and immediate delivery. Time management is therefore crucial. Without it, we firefight, stretch ourselves and our resources and ultimately deliver mediocre work. This session teaches you about taking control and ensuring that you and your team remain fully productive throughout the working day.

b. Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem-solving and decision making is an essential part of daily routine. In many cases, we follow familiar patterns to draw deductions and decide, however, how many of these patterns are evidenced based? How many are influenced by emotion or biases, and how many are devoid of a clear decision-making framework? As part of being an efficient entrepreneur, delegates will be challenged when it comes to considering how they make and take decisions, as well as provide practical tools which can be immediately applied within the workplace.

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